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Game technology Information was originally created by A.S. Douglas in 1950 at the University of Cambridge. Douglas collaborated on his game through a thesis in the context of interaction between computers and humans. The first game in the world was a tic-tag-toe or xoxo game which was programmed using the EDSAC Faccum Tube computer.

Database Management

Database management – as all of us know computer technology is only a methodical way of managing information and information for accomplishing the preferred objective. Officially we can explain a set of related information and the way it is arranged. As all of us know computer technology is only a methodical way of managing information and… Read More »

Kinds of Information Systems

Kinds of information systems – along with elements, it ends up that information systems also have various kinds. What are the kinds such as? Here is the discussion: 1. Deal processing system (TPS) One kind of information system that’s often used by companies is a deal processing system or TPS. Launching Alta Metrics, it’s usually… Read More »

Future Computer Development

Future Computer Development, along with the times, humans have succeeded in finding various kinds of technology that are useful for everyday life. There have been many technological innovations that are now present in the community. It is created solely to meet the daily needs of humans. The presence of technology also has a major influence… Read More »

5 Advanced Gaming Technologies

5 Advanced Gaming Technologies, the rapid development of the game world continues to give birth to many interesting innovations and trends. Especially with the advancement of technology in this Industry 4.0 era. The arrival of new technologies also brings significant changes, not only in the game itself, but also in the culture of the players. The purpose of game creation becomes more varied… Read More »