Kinds of Information Systems

By | May 1, 2022

Kinds of information systems – along with elements, it ends up that information systems also have various kinds. What are the kinds such as? Here is the discussion:

1. Deal processing system (TPS)
One kind of information system that’s often used by companies is a deal processing system or TPS.

Launching Alta Metrics, it’s usually used to record points relates to deals in a business.

An instance of its use is file paperwork of the background of ordering products, incomes, client addresses, and others.

TPS is the information used to earn everyday, monthly, and also annual records.

Kinds of Information Systems

Kinds of Information Systems

2. Choice support system (DSS)
Used by the management of a business. DSS has devices to analyze information that will influence someone in production choices.

These devices are usually used when complex problems occur and management cannot deciding by themselves. DSS does not make someone’s choice to do something, but just helps Kinds of information systems.

3. Exec information system (EIS)
The 3rd kind of SI is EIS. EIS can also be described as an Exec Support System where not everybody can use it. Usually, just a supervisor or greater position can use the EIS.

EIS also has devices that can analyze inside and on the surface. In truth, EIS can analyze present trends for the needs of a business.

The information displayed by the EIS is usually through a chart that can be translated again.

4. Management information system (MIS)
The next kind of information system that’s often used by companies is a management information system or MIS.

Inning accordance with the Certainly web page, it’s typically used to provide a recap of management regimens in the basic procedures of a business.

MIS can also support wider business jobs compared to TPS, consisting of choice evaluation and choice production.

Not just that, MIS also creates information that’s used to deciding and can incorporate several functions of information kept in the data source.

5. Process system
Has the function to monitor and manage the system on business processes. Process systems also perform activities within a company or company.

Process systems can be internet-based and in mix with e-mail or a web server that uses a data source to store files.

6. Enterprise source planning (ERP)
ERP is a procedure management in a company through software.

This software allows a company to use systems that are currently incorporated with the company’s important business procedures.

7. Expert system
A professional system or expert system can be said to be a synthetic knowledge or commonly described as Artificial Smart (AI).

Expert system is intended to develop information systems to be more comprehensive and smart. Expert systems use AI to refix problems through companies or companies.