A deeper review of what a web portal is

By | April 3, 2022

A deeper review of what a web portal is, web portal as one of the features that you can get in a web browser. When you start to enter a browser, it will generally display the appearance of a web portal. Why is that? Why do you need to make a web portal? In this article, we will review them one by one. A deeper review of what a web portal is

A deeper review of what a web portal isA deeper review of what a web portal is

A deeper review of what a web portal is

Understanding Web Portal

A web portal is a website that is used for a specific purpose and directs readers to view, read and relate to the information on that website. Technically, the portal is a provider of special service information to attract the interest of readers to enter the web page they are looking for, and can be reached through various devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet.


Of course, the process of creating a web portal itself has a specific purpose and purpose in it. Here are some directions or goals of making a portal.

  1. As a Business Tactic in the Age of Digital Technology
    In the manufacturing website itself, the specific goal is to increase profits. Especially for those of you who operate in the business sector, web development has a positive impact on increasing business profits and developing businesses. It can be proven today, there are many companies, both public and private, startups, and organizations that donate the web as a promotional medium to advance.

    This is in accordance with the direction of the web portal he made which has an important direction in starting a business. Generally, the content or content on a web is equated with the needs of users and their service products.

  2. Provide Special Info to Attract Reader’s Interest
    Furthermore, the web portal provides a variety of interesting information and according to the direction of the business that can be moved. Let’s just say, there are sites related to the health sector. It describes the latest health products and medical devices that are sold at promotional prices. Nach, that’s where the web has a role in provoking the interest of readers to enter the web.

    The important thing to underline here is that using a web portal must contain correct and true data. When you create a site by displaying information that is false or may not be true, it gives an automatic impact on your business and products.

  3. Marketing Tactics to Help Increase Search Engine Traffic
    In addition to business direction information and disclosures, web portals are used for marketing facilities. Many important things are prepared in order to increase traffic or highways on a crawler engine (browser). Many marketing tactics are used to increase the scope of the user ratio from local to being able to reach a national, to international share.

    Requires a special approach related to marketing, so that in the web network requires an optimization that can provide support for increasing traffic by using SEO. Furthermore, always adjust the keywords in the search according to the target user you are looking for.


Next, discuss the types of web portals that you usually find on search engines. From a service perspective, it is divided into two parts:

  1. Vertical Portal
    A vertical portal is a type of website portal that provides specific information or is limited to one topic only. For example, game portals, health portals, life-style portals, etc.
  2. Horizontal Portal
    Horizontal Portal is a type of website portal that provides general information and can be accessed by everyone. In general, it discusses information related to business and product services.

Example of a Web Portal

The following reviews are examples of web portals. Many portals are made both in the technology, information, health, business, sports, information sectors, and others. Examples of the best information web portals, and other portals.

Advantages of Creating a Web Portal
A web portal has its perceived advantages, especially for that web developer. Following are the advantages of web portals:

  1. Help in Improving Marketing and Business Tactics
    Because there is a portal, therefore the process of marketing a product or service can be easily monitored, and well navigated.
  2. Make it easier for users to find relevant sources of information
    It is easier for users to obtain information clearly, quickly, and precisely. So that the process of expressing information is conveyed more precisely according to the needs of the user.
  3. Increase web visitor traffic
    In the end, the construction portal itself gets a lot of total traffic with a large change in rate as well. So, be able to increase your Web Authority.

The Dissimilarity of Web and Portal
The basic difference between websites and portals is in terms of the purpose for which they are made. If you are focused on increasing traffic regarding the products you offer, you should try creating a web portal. However, if you want to build your brand or company profile, then a website is the right choice to solve the problem.


A web portal is a web site that displays specific information to users and influences readers to enter the site. The purpose of making the portal itself is from a business perspective.

Types of web portals when viewed from the service side, are divided into two types. The first is a vertical portal that provides limited information and is topic-specific. The second is a horizontal portal that provides general information and news to users.

Examples of the use of web portals in Indonesia can be in the form of news, health, business, technology, lifestyle web portals, and so on.