5 Advanced Gaming Technologies

By | March 27, 2022

5 Advanced Gaming Technologies, the rapid development of the game world continues to give birth to many interesting innovations and trends. Especially with the advancement of technology in this Industry 4.0 era. The arrival of new technologies also brings significant changes, not only in the game itself, but also in the culture of the players.

The purpose of game creation becomes more varied with more consideration being taken. Games are not just mere entertainment media, but also have other functions and purposes.

If in the past people played games just for fun, this is different from the current cultural trend of playing games . Producer companies are not only focused on making sophisticated games , but how to make games that also have meaning.

Certain categories of games are created to solve, or provide solutions to, existing problems or issues. There are games that are made to help its users in dealing with various personal problems. One of them is a game related to mental health .

The Phenomenon of Sophisticated Games That Makes You Clumsy

Not only that, the stereotype of playing games that is closely related to the individuality of the players can be countered by the existence of 5 Advanced Gaming Technologies. For example, the Pokemon GO game which was booming a few years ago.

Armed with its Augmented Reality technology , this sophisticated game has succeeded in bewitching millions of people from all over the world to play it. This game became phenomenal not only because of the technology used, but the response of the players.

People congregating on the streets and public places with their cell phones have become a common sight since the advent of this game . The producer, Niantic, made this game based on an experience similar to the original Pokemon system. The culture of playing games has also shifted with the emergence of types of AR-based  games such as Pokemon GO.

If you normally can play the game from your room, Pokemon GO will let you go out on an adventure looking for pokemon. Old, young, male, female, everyone can feel the excitement of this pokeball logo game .

5 Advanced Gaming Technologies

5 Advanced Gaming Technologies

The Latest 5 Advanced Gaming Technologies That Are Changing Gaming Culture

For those of you who want to try a different experience when playing games , you can try out some of the following 5 Advanced Gaming Technologies.

1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Have you ever watched 3-Dimensional movies? When watching 3D movies, you must use special glasses, right? How do you feel when you watch movies?

The image that appears in the movie will feel close and as if it came off the screen right in front of your eyes. The experience is certainly different from watching a regular movie on a TV or computer.

Virtual Reality is a virtual technology with a similar concept to 3D, but with a better experience. If in 3D technology you can only see visual objects in 3D on the screen, in VR, you will enter a virtual environment.

By using a special device, you will feel like you are in a different world. The VR device is in the form of larger glasses that fit on your head and cover your entire eye.

  • Sophisticated Illusion Game, Full of Fantasy

When using VR, you will enter the game world and can see the surrounding environment in various directions. Up, down, side, front, back, it’s all the same. As far as the eye can see, all you see is the game environment .

Gamers who are curious to try VR gaming should be prepared . You will be surprised by how realistic the VR world is. The images you see can be very detailed as if you were in the real world.

Visual illusions are not enough for you? Don’t worry, some VR headset models also have additional audio features. So you can simultaneously listen to the sounds in the game. It feels more like a fantasy world. For those of you who are interested, there are many choices of Android VR games on the Play Store that you can try.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is a technology that combines the digital world into the real world. AR uses a system that integrates virtual objects in games into the world of its users.

Visual objects in the game in the form of characters, as well as other objects can then be seen in the real environment. Through your smartphone screen , you can observe digital objects in the game as if they come out and appear around you.

Unlike VR, which takes you into the virtual world of games , AR does the opposite. The elements in the game , brought to the real world. No matter where you are, the environment can become part of the game .

AR games can also be easier to use because they don’t require special devices like VR. Enough with a smartphone , tablet computer, or game console , you can already feel the sensation of playing in the world of augmented reality. One of the most popular examples of AR games is Pokemon GO.

  • Become a Pokemon Trainer with AR

” Catch Them All ” , are you familiar with the game ‘s slogan? Yep! The slogan above is the mainstay of the Pokemon GO  game . This game , which was released in 2016, became a sensation in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia. Are you a Pokemon GO player? You must be familiar with what it’s like to be a Pokemon trainer .

Adventure in the real world to catch pokemon and do battle is an experience that this game has to offer . Whether you’re a Pokemon fan or not, this game by Niantic is worth a try.

Well, the uniqueness of the Pokemon GO game that makes it interesting is the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This is the reason why pokemon can seem to appear in the real world through your smartphone screen .

Besides Pokemon GO, there is another recommendation for advanced AR-based games that you must try, Wizards Unite. This AR game is definitely crazy for Harry Potter lovers. The working system is very similar to Pokemon GO, only the difference is that you won’t be a trainer , but a magician .

3. Mixed Reality (MR)

The latest development of reality technology combines VR and AR. Mixed Reality combines the real world and the virtual world to produce interactions that are more advanced than the previous two types of reality technology .

Although at first glance similar to AR, MR technology has far more advanced capabilities. If in AR you only see virtual objects in the real world, through MR, you can do a lot more.

Not only appearing on the cellphone screen, the environment and digital objects will blend with the real world around you. You can interact with visual objects produced by MR like real objects.

The interface used is more interactive and aims to provide a richer experience for the users. To experience this, you have to use a special device similar to VR. Guaranteed, you will be addicted when playing MR games.

4. Voice-Controlled Gameplay

Hands often sore from pressing the game console button ? Or the gadget screen is easily scratched because of your favorite game ? Tired of the conventional way of playing games ? Your prayer has been answered. Try to glance at how to play games with sound detection technology. Voice-controlled gameplay is a game control system using voice commands.

Yes, so your voice is used to drive the game . But don’t get me wrong, this is not a singing game or application. By detecting the player’s voice, the game will respond according to the program that has been made.

Pressing buttons or moving your finger across the screen is no longer necessary. Your voice is the prime mover, replacing the touch function in traditional games . This technology captures the user’s voice through the microphone on the gadget , then converts it into commands to drive the game. This is possible because Artificial Intelligence or AI is able to recognize and process voice data.

Curious? One of the most popular voice-controlled games is Scream Go Hero. This sophisticated game requires you to speak and even scream in order to run the game . Eits, try to play in a quiet place. Do not let you play it in a public place, later it can become the center of people’s attention.

5. Cloud for Gaming

One of the limitations in playing the game is on the device used. There are various game consoles for different types of games available in the market.

Although there are many games that can be easily accessed via a PC or smartphone , some games are still specific and can only run on certain consoles. PlayStation console lovers often clash with Xbox users. Not to mention that Nintendo fans continue to struggle with variations in their gaming console models .

To answer this challenge, the creation of advanced gaming technology innovation , cloud for gaming. This innovation allows you to play games through which usually can only be played through a special device via your laptop or computer.

  • Unlimited advanced games

Cloud gaming is an online-based game that can be played through various user devices. Games that usually require a high-spec computer system, you can now access directly with ease.

Games are collected in a database server that is hosted, and then run using the system on that host . You just have to access the cloud gaming provider’s site, then just play.

The devices you use in the form of computers, laptops, even TVs, only function to display the game . For complex gaming operating systems , just leave it to the cloud. Very practical for those of you who want to try playing games, without the hassle of downloading, installing or buying the console . Just click, select the game you want, immediately ready to play.

In short, cloud gaming is an online game streaming system that you can easily access. Forget the big and heavy devices that you usually use to play games. Just make sure the internet you are using is running smoothly, okay?

5 Advanced Gaming Technologies Sophisticated games are increasingly advanced in their development. Not just entertainment, games can also be a medium for socializing. If you’re curious, some of the game trends above can’t hurt you to try. Just remember the time.